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Central Park Baptist Church: Our history, location, and purpose

About our church

We are a Christian church known as Central Park Baptist Church. We are a non-denominational independent church. We are networked with the Conservative Baptist Association (CBA) churches who have similar faith and practices.


Established in 1958 as a home Bible study group, our church became incorporated in 1963 while meeting in Aberdeen, WA. We soon became recognized by the State of Washington as Harbor Baptist Church and affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Association of America some time after 1966.


In 1964, the church purchased the parsonage at 6308 Central Park Drive and the adjoining lot where the church was built and is still located today. The first service was held in the new building in April, 1965. In order to meet the needs of the growing congregation, an addition to the church was added in 1966. Although membership in the church has seen increases and decreases, a third addition was added in 2000. This addition allowed for more classrooms and space for church-related events. The church by location and evangelistic opportunity voted to change its name from Harbor Baptist to Central Park Baptist in 1981.

Central Park Baptist is located in a suburban area between the town of Montesano and the City of Aberdeen, Washington in Grays Harbor County. We are approximately 35 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Our climate is considered mild, but with more than average yearly rainfall. Our area offers much in the way of outdoor recreation. We have two state parks nearby with both offering hiking trails, camping, and family-planned events. Fishing and swimming are also available. Our nearby ocean offers many opportunities for various outings.

Purpose: To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known to the world

Our purpose is to be the soul of the Heart of God in the Central Park Community. We are striving to be the center of spiritual nurturing and serving those who live in our community. We preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our salvation only comes from the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. We practice the life instructions that are given to use in God's Word.


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After closing out a 22-year ministry in Palmdale, California, Pastor Charlie came to the Northwest to pastor Central Park Baptist Church. In Palmdale, he was not only the Senior Pastor but the Administrator of a Christian school (K-8). He brings to Central Park over 40 years of experience in ministry. He has been married to his wife, Linda, for 43 years. They have two grown children and eight grandchildren.

Christian education is the heart of Pastor Charlie's ministry. Both in preaching and teaching, the Bible, God's Word, is the foundation. Verse-by-verse, through a book of the Bible is the style of preaching and teaching that he primarily uses. However, on occasion, special topical studies will be presented.

"I feel strongly that the church needs to take the role of spiritual leadership in the community where it establishes its place of worship. We are here in Central Park to serve you on behalf of our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever your need might be, please feel free to call upon us for assistance. Our doors are always open, and the invitation is always given to participate in any of our gatherings."

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The Deacons encourage membership, assist the pastor in administering church ordinances, authorize spending of church funds, maintain church property, arrange for pulpit supply in absence of the pastor, and oversee use of church property by outside groups. We encourage visitations, Bible studies, and attendance for Sunday Worship.

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The Chairwoman of the Deaconesses is elected for a two year term. They are in charge of making sure someone prepares the elements of the Lord’s Supper. They also assist any female candidates who are being baptized, and assist the pastor in visitations. The Deaconesses arrange flowers in the church and make arrangements for flowers for members of the congregation in cases of serious injury, illness or death.